Working together towards a shared dream

Get to Know Us

We believe that communication, trust and respect are the foundations for a good team and our close relationship allows our members to become good role models. We set clear goals and measure our progress so we can always evaluate our progress and better our approaches.


Passion, exploration and consistency

Success through Care

We were registered with Ofsted in 2020 to provide accommodation and care for up to three young people, male or female, aged 10-17 years. Catering for young people with Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (EBD), and mild learning difficulties, we provide personalised support centred around individual needs.

Halls Homes For Young People works with various local partners including educational establishments, specialised services and community organisations who can all contribute to the holistic approach we have to providing care and support.

We are the best choice for providing young people with a fresh start because we have an accepting, non-judgemental approach and we focus on the unique growth of each young person, working tirelessly to build confidence and work towards individual success.

We genuinely put the best interests of our young people first. As a small company with an inclusive approach, we value the contributions of all to ensure we are constantly adapting to the current needs of our young people.


Giving the right head start

Meet the Team

Our diverse and passionate team, we put a strong emphasis on developing positive, appropriate relationships with young people.

Our team members explore reasons for behaviours in order to gain a better understanding of each individual. There will be at least two members of staff on shift at any one time, including during the night. We understand that some young people can be most vulnerable during this time so we have a dedicated waking nights team to provide support during these potentially difficult times.

We have a thorough recruitment, induction, and supervision process to ensure staff are confident in their role and dedicated to prioritising the needs of each young person and supporting them with personal success.

All staff will complete the Level 3 Diploma in Residential Childcare and some will move on to complete the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management. All staff participated in a thorough induction training course which reaffirmed the key aspects of working with young people in a residential setting but also involved crucial team building exercises to ensure a harmonious team.

With a range of qualifications and experience, in addition to strong values and work ethic, our staff team go the extra mile to ensure young people feel accepted, understood and genuinely cared for.


Thorough, well assessed, planned, long term

Managing Success

The Registered Manager, Jessica Hall, and Responsible Individual, Jermaine Hall, lead and manage the staff team.

The management team have ample experience working with young people in educational, community and custodial settings, and proven success in eliciting positive outcomes whilst working with young people displaying challenging behaviour.

Following undergraduate study of psychology, postgraduate study of counselling children and young people, and a high level of continued professional development, the management team are able to apply a variety of techniques and experience to inspire and facilitate the desired culture within the home.


Detailed, Structured, Personalised, Fundamental


All policies we have created are implemented in daily practice and used to inform decision making and procedural actions. We ensure all staff have a good understanding of our policies to ensure consistency across the team.

Our Statement of Purpose, Young Person Guide and all internal policies are available via email and are stored as hard copies in the staff office within the home. We have created child-friendly versions of core policies, so young people are provided with a clear understanding of the fundamental structure to our practice.

We have created child-friendly versions of core policies, so young people are provided with a clear understanding of the fundamental structure to our practice.