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Working to achieve positive outcomes for young people in varying domains, we provide high-quality in-house services and source suitable external services to meet individual needs and support each young person with developing their aspirations.

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Thorough, well assessed, planned, long term


We are dedicated to ensuring young people placed at our home can have their individual needs properly met and can be supported to thrive in an environment offering them acceptance, safety, positive relationships, and developmental opportunities.

By completing a thorough referral and admission process, including needs assessments, impact assessments and pre-admission/admission meetings, we establish the potential for each young person to work towards a successful placement. We aim to provide stable, long-term placements wherever possible.

Providing an initial response to referral enquiries within an hour, we share what we could offer. We are able to meet young people at a suitable location to introduce ourselves if this makes them feel more comfortable. We also welcome them to visit us at the home before an admission decision is made.

Dream Big - Set Goals - Take Action

Supporting Individual Needs

We strive to engage with young people through the utilisation of positive role models and a relatable staff team who dedicate time to get to know each young person, learning about what is important to them and empowering them to set, and work towards, constructive goals. We address any potential barriers to goal attainment and support young people to build resilience, adopting a 'never give up' attitude.

We tailor the services we provide to each individual young person, with personalised support packages implemented to increase skills, confidence and positive behavioural choices. In addition, we strive to create a culture where young people feel comfortable and have ample opportunities for enjoyment.